Targeted Strategies, Successful Outcomes

It takes calculated steps to reach a desired outcome. We help families understand the value of taking those steps in order to point them in the right direction. Families accepted into our two-year program receive much more than financial support of an apartment home.  They receive a comprehensive plan and mentoring help that guides them in the direction of financial stability. This kind of attention to detail, guidance, and organized assistance helps families achieve the goals they set.

We urge heads of households in our program to find ways of increasing their earning ability. To help them in this endeavor, we suggest they explore options:

  • Seek promotions and opportunities to increase income with their current employer;
  • Consider related or other career fields with better benefits and income thresholds; and
  • Improve education to pursue career paths that offer growth and greater earning potential.

Between 80 and 90 percent of FCH families successfully achieve financial independence.  Some may need minimal assistance from government programs after completing their two years with us.   We anticipate they will realize continued growth and improvement using the tools we provide.