Six years ago a family of Mom, Dad and four children came to FCH for assistance.  They were accepted into the program, and for two years worked diligently with their mentors, Dick and Anne Tanni.  During that time “Mary” and Frank” (names changed for privacy) learned good budgeting and money management skills, and were committed to becoming financially stable in order to provide a good future for their family.  While in FCH, Frank was able to secure a better-paying job and they were able to pay off all past debts and begin a savings account.   They continued budgeting well and significantly increased their savings over the following four years.  Recently a phone call came to us from them:  “We wanted FCH to be the first to know – we just bought a four bedroom house and are so excited!  Without the help of FCH and Dick and Anne’s guidance those two years we would never have gotten to this point in our lives where our dream could come true. We are so grateful and happy!”

“Everything about Faith Community Homes was helpful.  I had lost my way and couldn’t find it, but now I feel like I found it through your help.  I realized how badly everything about my life was.  Every time I felt like I was falling, I always felt, through my mentors’ encouragement, that I could get up and hold on to hope and continue to go on.  My deep gratitude to you inspires me to try to do for others because others (you) have done so much for me.”

“I have personal growth, too.  I now have more of a structure; I have been provided the tools to keep helping myself; more order in my money – I know better what is coming in and going out, and I’m trying to keep it up ~ this is one of my goals.  Through my awesome mentors, I now have more confidence and faith that I will keep doing better and will be able to stand on my own two feet.”

– Ann

Dad has just begun working at a better-paying job, and is now able to devote more time to his studies without so much stress of worrying about finances as much as before.  He only has one more year to go until he finishes his studies for an Associate Degree.  We know that focusing on his studies will be the catalyst which will lead to greater self-sufficiency by the time we complete our time with the FCH program.

Our Mentors are very kind, caring and helpful.  We feel that our relationship with them will prove to be very beneficial.  We are glad they are working with us; we feel they will be instrumental toward our long-term success.

Our children are so happy there, and are doing better than ever!  They are excelling academically, and growing emotionally; we are so proud of them.

All of these good things that are happening in our lives and with our family are blessings coming through FCH and you – and we are grateful.  We write this note with great thanks and appreciation.  God bless you.

– Juanita